2020-2021 Learning Options

  • Dothan City Schools has been careful to create a plan to reopen schools with an eye toward flexibility. Our intent is the reopening of school in a traditional fashion. Naturally, any plan is contingent on the track that the coronavirus takes and also on complying with any executive or statewide orders. Thinking forward, the following illustrates the formats that Dothan City Schools will put into effect in order to continue providing education while putting safety first for students and staff.

    DCS will offer parents a dual instructional approach, Traditional and Remote/Virtual. Parents can send their children to school in the traditional model, or parents may choose to keep their children at home and participate in remote/virtual instruction. If parents choose the remote/virtual approach, students will be enrolled from the beginning of school to the end of the first nine (9) weeks. At that time, they can continue virtual or reenter traditional schools.


  • This model represents a return to the school campus and the classroom where students will interact directly with their teacher(s) and classmates. The school day will follow the standard schedule that includes all the core classes and other subject areas. In short, it represents a return to the traditional school environment – with several significant changes involving enhanced health and safety precautions.

    All students will be automatically enrolled in the Traditional learning approach unless indicated.

    Our goal is to create an environment that provides an opportunity for students to return to the traditional school experience while providing effective safeguards to protect the health and safety of students and staff.

    Public Health Actions on Every Campus

    • Practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible
    • Post signage and provide lessons to strongly encourage frequent hand washing and hygiene practices
    • Ensure hand sanitizer is available throughout the campus
    • Increase cleaning protocols throughout each campus
    • Limit group gatherings
    • Encourage face coverings on campus
    • Expect symptom screening for all staff and students
    • Ensure any staff or students who exhibit symptoms are not at school or in the workplace

    School Bus Safety

    • Clean high touch areas between runs
    • Disinfect each bus thoroughly at the end of each day

    Additional information on the steps we are taking can be found here under Operations & Facilities.


Remote Learning & Virtual Programs

  • Elementary: Remote Learning (Grades Pre-K through 6)

    Students will engage with DCS classroom teachers each day for daily instruction in all core subjects via an online secure video platform. Students will complete assignments through Google Classroom. In addition, feedback from teachers will be provided on assignments and assessments. All instruction will align with the Alabama Course of Study Standards. Intervention and enrichment will be provided. Edgenuity will be used to provide supplemental work for students to review and practice.

    To enroll for remote learning, parents will need to submit the 2020-2021 Learning Options Request Form.

    If enrollment for remote learning is not completed, students will be automatically enrolled in the traditional approach.

    Enrollment for 2nd Grading Period for Grades K-9 Instruction Selection window is October 7-23, 2020. To watch an instructional video on how to fill out the form, please click here.

    Secondary: Virtual Program (Grades 7 through 12)

    DCS has chosen Edgenuity for its virtual program. Edgenuity is a leading provider of K-12 online learning solutions. Edgenuity provides courses aligned with the Alabama Course of Study Standards and offers individualized learning paths. The Edgenuity team will work with our district team to provide an optimal learning experience for all students enrolled in the DCS Virtual Program. DCS teachers will monitor students’ progress and communicate as needed. This model works well for students who desire flexible hours and self-paced learning. 

    To enroll in virtual programs, parents will need to complete the following two steps to enroll their child.

    1) Submit the 2020-2021 Learning Options Request Form

    2) Submit Virtual Instructional Program Application Form

    If enrollment for remote learning is not completed, students will be automatically enrolled in the traditional approach.

    What Is The Difference Between Remote Learning And The Virtual Program?

    Remote Learning will include interaction with a DCS teacher via an online video platform (synchronous instruction). Students will be able to interact with each other and engage in real-time learning. Students will receive feedback and grading in Google Classroom. They will also have access to practice materials in the Edgenuity platform.

    Students enrolled in the Virtual Program will work with prerecorded video instruction (asynchronous instruction). They will complete assignments and receive grading feedback housed within the Edgenuity platform. Both groups will receive weekly communication from assigned teachers. Set office hours will allow students and parents to contact teachers for additional help as needed.