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  • Welcome to the Highlands Library Media Center (LMC)


    Please help your child find time to read daily. Establishing a common time to read will help your child develop a good reading habit.  Talk to your child often about reading and books.  Read together.  It is important for intellectual development, and it will be quality time spent together.


    February is Black History Month!!!

    Check out these great books celebrating Black History Month on Tumblebooks!!! 


    February Tumblebooks Calendar

    February 2021

    Click the links below to read the books!


    Username: highlands

    Password: reads 

    1st: Red is Best

    2nd: Mr. Groundhog

    6th: The Paper Bag Princess

    7th: Game Day

    11th: My Think-A-Ma-Jink

    12th: Blast the the Past: Lincoln's Legacy

    14th: Love Is

    15th: The House That George Built

    16th: Keesha's Bright Idea

    17th: Maya

    20th: The Man Who Loved Libraries

    24th: Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs

    26th: The Ugly Duckling

    28th: You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?

    Epic February Activities Calendar

    Try some of these fun reading activities with your friends and family! 

    February 2021 Epic

    (Click the blue link below to the download the calendar.)

    Epic February Calendar

    Digital Citizenship is very important in today's technology-rich environment.  Help your child navigate the world of internet access and social media safely and responsibly

    Click here to see digital citizenship lessons by grade levelwww.comonsense.org 

    I used the comonsense.org website (above) and taught lessons to the students.  To access and review those lessons, click here.  You can also add to that knowledge using the website above to explore a new topic.


    A fun introductory activity is to take an internet safety quiz.  This quiz will help you see where your child stands.  Younger students will need help.  Grades 3-6 should be able to take the quiz independently.  Use the quiz as a springboard for productive conversations about digital citizenship. At the end of the quiz you will be taken to the safekids.com website, where you can find other resources.