• Board Meeting Summary

    According to the State of Alabama, Proclamation by the Governor dated March 18, 2020:

    • Governmental bodies conducting a meeting pursuant to this section are encouraged, to the maximum extent possible, to use communications equipment that allows members of the public to listen to, observe, or participate in the meeting.
    • No less than twelve hours following the conclusion of a meeting conducted pursuant to this section, a governmental body shall post a summary of the meeting in a prominent location on its website – or, if it has no website, in any other location or using any other method designed to provide reasonable notice to the public. The summary shall recount the deliberations conducted and the actions taken with reasonable specificity to allow the public to understand what happened.

    Due to the recent COVID-19 public health concern, Dothan City Schools will hold its scheduled Board Meetings by Zoom Webinar until further notice. See the most recent summary below:

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